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Munro Digger Driver

“The Munro Digger Driver combines an aggressive digger (auger) for drilling a pilot hole and a powerful post driver for setting a straight, tight post every time, even in hard, dry, rocky or frozen ground.”

Munro Digger Driver features include:

o        The industry’s fastest and most effortless conversion between digger and driver. Munro pioneered the digger driver concept in 1963 and still leads the way.

o       Hydraulic, reversible auger drive motor and a wide range of auger diameters and cutter types.

o       A 500- to 700-pound, solid-steel post driver under full operator control at all times. Our driver can be stopped instantly and at any point in its downward stroke.

o       Forward, aft and sideways tilting (4-way tilting) combined with a wide stable base allows safe and efficient operation on hills or sloping ground.

o       Versatile mounting on tractors, skidsteers, and many other mounting options.

o       Low overall height (less than 10 feet) for safe and easy transportation.

o        Precise ergonomically located operator controls allow posts to be set quickly and accurately.

Handles all types of posts with ease: wood (round, square, split), railroad ties, steel (oilfield pipe, t-posts), even plastic.

Post driver on Skidsteer
Fencing has undergone a Revolution!

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